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  “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. “ - Socrates  

Shared Weath SA

Shared Wealth SA is a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation focused on the social upliftment and development of underprivileged communities which focuses on the Psychosocial Development, Wellness and Welfare of our youth, orphans and vulnerable and abandoned children, and those affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic.

NPO Number: 082-160
PBO Number: 93003 6412


The Problem

50,3% the unemployment rate among South African youth aged between 15-24 years.
29,5% the unemployment rate among South African youth aged between 25-34 years.
39.9% the average rate of unemployment in youth and young adults in South Africa.

Funding is sorely needed in the area of youth development/career guidance in underprivileged communities. So much so, that our Government has initiated an ‘Action Plan 2014 – towards better schooling 2025’. This plan outlines numerous tasks to be accomplished in order to achieve its goals. Shared Wealth SA has fulfilled 13 of the 27 points highlighted as important for youth development in our country as listed in the ‘Action Plan 2014 – towards better schooling 2025’.

Shared Wealth SA will use Career Development and Learner Life Management programmes to address the issue of access to education to the underprivileged so called nodal areas of our communities. Our programme is holistic in nature and focuses on the Educational Development, Psychosocial Development and overall Wellness of woman and youth.

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  We believe that by developing the individuals we can strengthen communities’ foundation and its momentum to continuously move forward.

We are committed to their Skills, Educational and Wellness Development.

  Our mission is to create a holistic environment where children and care-givers can reach their full potential.

Our primary objective is to ensure the wellbeing of woman and youth in underprivileged communities by focusing on Educational, Psychosocial and Wellness Development.

  Our goal is to ensure long term sustainability and longevity of programmes that we offer. We also hope to start a Shared Edu-Care training centre for youth and adults in the underprivileged communities. Shared Wealth SA is committed to transparency with all our donors/ funders/ sponsors, a report is provided on a Monthly basis as to the progress of the Organisation as well as Shared Wealth SA’s spend to date.  
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